Endless Hot Water. No storage, no shortage.
Tankless water heaters is a continuous flow of hot water because it instantly heats the water as it goes through the heater. Conventional water heaters keep large volume of water always heated in the tank (example: 80 gallons). This is not as efficient of a system to heat your water for your home because regardless of your use the tank water heater is always having to keep the water a certain temperature.Endless Hot Water. No storage, no shortage.
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Tankless Water Heater 
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To qualify for the sales price:
To qualify for any sale promotion you  must live in Mobile County , Spanish Fort , Dauphine or  Fairhope. South of Fairhope , East and North Baldwin County add Trip Charge.   Water Heater must have 30" inch clearance for removal. If water heater is in attic with a pull down access a $90.00 hazard fee will be added. (There must also be a walk way to the Water Heater in the attic ) :If appliances such as washer machine or dryer has to be move could result in a $20.00 charge. :If a door frame has to be remove for pull and replacement of water heater add $75.00 Paint and cluck not included in price. Replacement of gas vent piping not included in the sales price.Electric lead or whip connection are not included in the sales price.  Colony Plumbing stands behind the products we offer . We have a 3 mouth warranty on all installation work . Upgrades such as expansion tanks cut off valve replacements paying replacements may result in an extra charge.

Hot Water On Demand
With tankless water heaters the water is instantly heated as it goes through the heat coils in the heater. It is 100% on demand water heating. You waste no energy from having to keep the water always hot and ready for someone to use. Since it is instantly heated you will never run out of hot water .Higher Volume If you have a large family or need a lot of hot water on a constant basis then tankless can handle your needs for hot water whenever you need it for as long as you need it. Space SavingsCompact in design, tankless water heaters can be installed virtually anywhere. Compared to traditional water heaters, one of the most obvious differences is their small size. Almost all tankless water heaters mount on the wall, inside or outside, with the Direct Vent models for indoor installation only. This eliminates the bulky tank that requires much more space and a labor-intensive installation.
       Hot water heater not working?
Usually it’s not very hard to determine this. You discover that there’s no hot water…there’s a flooded area around the tank, or some weird alien sounds coming from the unit.Although the signs are easy to spot, finding the problem is a little more involved.
Sometimes the culprit lies in the actual power supply to the heater. If your gas hot water heater is not working, it may be a leak in the line. If the area around the tank smells like rotten eggs, you should shut off the pilot light, shut off the gas supply, and immediately call a plumber to diagnose the problem.
40 Gallon Gas Water Heater 

​40 Gallon Elct Water Heater